Contemporary and stylish windows for your home

Let the fresh air and natural light into your home with contemporary and stylish windows from the Vantage® range. Vantage® aluminium windows are an ideal choice for your home or building project, custom made by our experienced manufacturers they can be configured to suit the individual requirements of your project, choose from a range of styles to achieve the look and functionality you desire.

We also construct servery windows in a wide variety of styles.  Some of the most popular can be seen here.


452Commercial Sliding Windows
462Architectural Sliding Windows (Double Sash)
504Residential Sliding Windows
531SoundOUT™ Secondary Glazed Sliding Window
602MAGNUM™ Sliding Windows (Double Sash Design)
662Architectural Sliding Windows (150mm Frame)
701SlideMASTER™ Sliding Windows


456Commercial Awning Window
466Architectural Awning/Casement Window
467Architectural Awning/Casement Window with Truth™ Hardware
468Architectural Truth™ Awning/Casement Window
516Residential Awning/Casement Window (50mm Frame)
517Residential Awning/Casement Window (102mm Frame)
616MAGNUM™ Awning/Casement Window
668 Architectural Truth™ Awning/Casement Window (150mm)
726Thermally Broken Awning/Casement Window


417LouvreMASTER™ Sun Control Shutter
525LouvreMASTER™ Adjustable Louvre Window


548High Performance Bi-Fold Door
730Thermally Broken Bi-Fold Door


514Residential Double-Hung Window
453Commercial Double Hung Windows
463Architectural Double-Hung Window


105Office Partitioning System
400Single Glazed Centre Glazed 102mm Framing
406Single Glazed Front Glazed 102mm Framing
407102mm Face Line Framing
424Double Glazed Centre Glazed 102mm Framing
426Double Glazed Front Glazed 102mm Framing
600Wide Offset 150mm Framing
606Single Glazed Front Glazed 150mm Framing
607150mm Face Line Framing
620Single Glazed Centre Glazed 150mm Framed
624Double Glazed Centre Glazed 150mm Framing
626Double Glazed Front Glazed 150mm Framing
646SoundOUT™ FrontGLAZE™
80Narrow 80mm Offset Framing
936FrontGLAZE™ Double Glaze 225mm Framing

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